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“In school meal programmes, high school students are less likely to select milk, whole fruit, and water when fruit juice is available, thereby decreasing the nutritional quality of their lunches.” — Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity study, University of Connecticut Source  :

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Beaming out malaria

Non-invasive test kit:A few years ago, a group of students pursuing science and technology degrees in Uganda, often missed class because of malarial attacks. A medical check, in many instances, ended up with them being misdiagnosed. It was such experiences that spurred them to think of developing a low cost …

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Road map to affordable medicines

It goes without saying that no government can allow market forces a free hand in the pricing of medicines. Affordability of medicines has to be ensured so that no person in need of it has to suffer. This is especially true in India where a large number of people are …

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Yoga, as heart healer

Preliminary results of the largest ever multi-centre randomised trial on cardiac rehabilitation and of health benefits of yoga have shown that it is safe and offers “similar” benefits as cardiac care typically prescribed after surgery. The study was conducted in 24 centres across India and recruited close to 4,000 patients …

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When CEOs linger too long

Last year, amendments to the Companies Act caused one of the biggest disruptions to India Inc’s functioning in recent times. Under the new Act, all companies were mandatorily required to rotate their auditors, the people who draw up and certify the financial state of health of any business enterprise. Rotating …

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Reasons to go

The end of the year is a time for taking stock, and for me the process is best nudged along while immersed in travel literature. In fact, there is a subset of accounts of great journeys that holds a particular enchantment: walking in the footsteps of someone long ago. Pilgrims …

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Chaotic versus meticulous packers

When I was a kid in a family of three, there were clear roles demarcated for my mother, my father and myself, with additional walk-on parts for the people who worked in our house. My mother would prepare the food with the cook, the other staff member would wash and …

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The sacred Indian games

One evening, many years ago, my father asked if I would accompany him to a town in northern Kerala called Thirunavaya. The place was known, particularly among the Hindus of Malabar and Kodagu, for a small Vishnu temple. More importantly, it was famous as the place where one went to …

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Lower the carbs

Popular advice on weight loss promoted by health authorities might be outdated It has been a fundamental tenet of nutrition: When it comes to weight loss, all calories are created equal. Regardless of what you eat, the key is to track your calories and burn more than you consume. But …

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