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The dangers in the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill

The government is set to introduce the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill in Parliament. The final draft is shrouded in secrecy. Last week, Opposition members walked out of a meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee and submitted dissent notes Objecting to the adoption of a report on the DPDP …

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GI tags given to crafts from Rajasthan, mangoes grown in Goa

Context Seven products from across India, including four from Rajasthan, were given the Geographical Indication (GI) tag by the Geographical Indications Registry in Chennai. GI tags to The Jalesar Dhatu Shilp (metal craft), Goa Mankurad mango, Goan Bebinca, Udaipur Koftgari metal craft, Bikaner Kashidakari craft, Jodhpur Bandhej craft and Bikaner …

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Rules governing space junk

Context:  A large object found on the shores of western Australia recently has been confirmed to be the debris of an Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) rocket. Key details: Junk from space objects falling to the earth are not unheard of. Most such incidents involve relatively small fragments from rockets that survive the friction …

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The hybrid EV imperative

Context:  Hybrid EVs present a big opportunity for economically developing countries for the transition to becoming net-zero. What is net-zero for a vehicle? Net-zero for a vehicle includes emissions at both the tailpipe of the vehicle and at the power plant. Making vehicles net-zero requires cutting emissions from both new and existing vehicles. Different types of EVs What …

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ULLAS mobile application

Context: Recently a mobile application for Ullas was launched. Key details: Full Form:  The ULLAS – Understanding Lifelong Learning for All in Society Aim: To promote basic literacy. This is a user-friendly and interactive app which will serve as a digital gateway for learners to engage in diverse learning resources through the DIKSHA portal of NCERT. …

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Context:  Recently, OpenAI CEO decided to formally re-introduce Worldcoin, a project of his that was eclipsed by the popularity of ChatGPT. About Worldcoin: Worldcoin is an initiative to create a digital network in which everyone can claim some kind of stake, and join the digital economy. Using a device called “Orb,” Worldcoin volunteers known as …

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Human challenge studies

Context:  Recently, the ICMR Bioethics Unit posted the consensus policy statement for the ethical conduct of controlled human infection studies (CHIS), also known as human challenge studies, in India. Key details: Traditional human clinical trials have been carried out in the country for a very long time. The inclusion of human challenge studies will …

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Forest (Conservation) Act

The Bill to amend the Forest (Conservation) Act cleared the Lok Sabha recently. The FC Act, 1980 The Forest (Conservation) Act of 1980 introduced the limitation on using forests for non-forest activities. Aims: To protect the flora, fauna, and other ecological components. To protect the integrity, individuality, and territory of the forests. To replenish forests by planting more trees. To prevent the conversion …

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GOBARdhan scheme

GOBARdhan Initiative Begins Reaping Good Results & Stimulating Investments In Biogas Sector in India About the scheme: The Gobardhan scheme focuses on managing and converting cattle dung and solid waste on farms into compost, biogas, and bio-CNG. In addition to keeping the village clean, it provides additional income for farmers and cattle herders. The GOBARdhan scheme also aims to make farmers …

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