Daily Archives: September 19, 2018

Indian Reforms. Sir A.H. Fraser’s Views.

In a letter to the ‘Times’ Sir A.H. Fraser says: He and other members of theIndo-British Association  do not agree wholly with the unfavourable views on the reform scheme expressed by some speakers at a recent meeting of the Association. He welcomes the general principles and tendencies of the Report …

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Inter-Caste Marriages Bill.

At a solemn conclave convened on Friday [September 13] of the Mahamandal Council and other prominent orthodox leaders of Benares including pundit authorities presided over by the Maharajah Darbhanga, the general President of the Mahamandal, it was decided, first, to inform the supreme Government that the proposed Bill of Mr. …

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With protesters in a police station

How an agitation against price rise cost the protesters Journalists have the best seats in the political theatre. This also means that we have to simply hear whatever is being said, whether spectacularly boring or even vitriolic. But there are good days when, for instance, an ironical drama unfolds in …

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A poor imitation

The Congress is ceding ideological ground to the BJP by increasingly adopting ‘passive Hindutva’ Discussing the current contest between opposing ideas of India, Malini Parthasarathy hit the nail on the head when she wrote, “Neither the Congress nor other opposition parties acknowledge emphatically that what is really unfolding in the …

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Celestial misfit

We should accept Pluto as a dwarf planet, though an exceptional one After years of arguing over whether Pluto is a planet, in 2006 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) voted to remove Pluto’s planetary status. Now some researchers are challenging this decision, citing the manner in which scientific tradition has …

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Banking on mergers

The move to merge banks is understandable, but shareholders should have been consulted Asking healthy banks to take over weak banks appears to be the strategy to handle the bad loans crisis. On Monday the Union government proposed the merger of three public sector banks — Bank of Baroda, Dena …

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The pointlessness of hashtags

Twitter wars over the label ‘urban Naxal’ do nothing to address the deprivation of marginalised groups One of the main things that the 21st century will be known for is the formation of what Bruns and Burgess call “ad hoc issue publics” or the formation of selective channels centred on …

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Ten years on, in uncharted waters

The crises in emerging economies show how vulnerable they remain to the vagaries of U.S. economic policy Economists thrive on crises. The East Asian crisis of 1997 caused a rethink on full capital account convertibility and fixed exchange rates. The Internet bubble and bust of the early 2000s led many …

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