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The Allied Hammer-Blows.

The Kaiser presided over the Grand Council yesterday [October 3]. Evidence that the deliberations dealt with the retreat from the west is furnished by inspired articles in the German Press preparing the public for the evacuation of the Belgian coast, notably “Kreuz Zaitung” which says: “The Bulgarian treachery will have …

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Indian Salt for Indian People.

In India, salt is a necessity of life even to the humblest, and the total quantity consumed is very great. In normal times, large amounts are imported and with the cutting off of foreign supplies, due to shipping shortages, India was at one time faced with serious prospect of salt …

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Too easily offended

The Konark temple case shows some penal provisions are handy tools of harassment The Supreme Court’s observations, while denying bail to defence analyst Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, to the effect that he incited religious feelings in a video posted on social media, were out of place in what was a bail hearing. …

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Oldest friends

India needs to stand firm on its deep engagement with Russia in coming months India-Russia summits have traditionally been short on time and ceremony and big on productivity. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 22-hour visit to Delhi last week was no exception. On Friday, the two countries announced a number of …

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Playing the caste card

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has embarked on an all-out caste mobilisation drive in Uttar Pradesh, even though the prospect that it might face a united Opposition in the State in 2019 remains far-fetched. Facing resistance from Dalits and being precariously placed vis-à-vis upper castes, the party is aware that …

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Censorship undermines democracy

The cancellation of Registration Certificate issued to Daily Desher Kathacould have a chilling effect All judicial functionaries, starting from sub-divisional magistrates, should be given a copy of John Milton’s 1644 booklet, Areopagitica . It was a passionate plea to Parliament in England to reject censorship. Milton wrote: “As good almost …

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Shifting the burden of shame

In its choice for Peace Prize this year, the Nobel Committee has empowered the narrative against sexual crimes In conferring the 2018 Peace prize, jointly, to Nadia Murad, a former sex slave of the Islamic State (IS), and Denis Mukwege, a Congolese gynaecological surgeon who helps raped war survivors, the …

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At the ‘university of green forests’

Chinese President Xi Jinping is arguably the most powerful leader of his country since Mao Zedong. During the 19th Party Congress last October, the ‘Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era’ was inscribed into the party charter. Earlier, in 2016, the party accorded him special …

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Misogyny in a modern idiom

The attacks on girls and women every day are symptomatic of a deep malaise Where curriculum designers fear to tread, film directors take relaxed, bold strides. Few will consider ghosts and witchcraft as suitable topics for a textbook. Killing of women on the suspicion that they are practising witchcraft occasionally …

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Modern humans inherited viral defences from Neanderthals

Neanderthals passed on viral defences to humans Modern humans inherited genetic defences against viral diseases like hepatitis from Neanderthals, when the two species interbred 50,000 years ago, a study has found. Many modern Europeans and Asians harbour about 2% of Neanderthal DNA in their genomes.PTI Source :  https://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-life/modern-humans-inherited-viral-defences-from-neanderthals/article25152190.ece

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