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Jam Bazaar Looting Case.

Mr. Nugent Grant with Mr. R.N. Aingar moved, this morning [October 18], for the admission of a Revision Petition on behalf of one Azimmuddin, a Chaffeur of Mr. Venkiah, to set aside the order of the Chief Presidency Magistrate convicting Azimmuddin of rioting in connection with the Jam Bazaar looting …

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Indian Reforms. Sydenham Scheme.

The Indo-British Association has issued a pamphlet severely criticising the main features of the proposals contained in the Report and suggesting an alternative scheme. It is suggested that the administration in defined areas shall be handed over to Indians, these areas being increased when experience has proved that Indian interests …

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Understanding Zika

What is Zika? Zika, a flavivirus spread mainly by mosquitoes, belongs to the same genus as dengue and chikungunya. Some evidence that Zika has been in India for long comes from a 1954 survey, which found several Indians with Zika antibodies. However, this evidence wasn’t conclusive, because other flaviviruses, like …

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Cleanliness and godliness

Ganesh Chaturthi is an opportunity to see the failure of Swachh Bharat Across India, the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi last month witnessed not only devotional joy but also public consternation at the environmental destruction caused by the immersion of idols in water. Notwithstanding the considerable media attention given to waste, …

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Another outbreak

With 80 laboratory-confirmed cases of the Zika virus already in Jaipur, including 22 pregnant women, the latest outbreak is India’s most severe so far. In January 2017, three confirmed cases of Zika were reported from Ahmedabad, including a pregnant woman, and in July the same year a single case was …

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No show

The poor turnout in the Valley for local pollsis a wake-up call for the Centre In elections held in Jammu and Kashmir, the turnout itself is a kind of verdict. The fact that just over a third of the electorate (35.1% provisionally) turned out to vote in the four-phase urban …

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Unclogging our oceans

India can emulate innovative solutions from across the worldto tackle the problem of ghost gear In March 2018, fishermen hauled 400 kg of fishing nets out of the sea in a few locations off Kerala’s south coast. There are many such reports of divers regularly making underwater trips just to …

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Labelling, the new illiteracy of our times

Today, we are under the dangerous influence of a new form of illiteracy. According to the Census, “a person aged seven and above, who can both read and write with understanding in any language, is treated as literate.” We are now seeing a form of illiteracy creeping on those who …

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Advantage Bolsonaro

Anticipation is in the air. Three weeks divide the first round (October 7) of the Brazilian presidential election from the second (October 28). In the first, the far right’s candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, won the most votes, a convincing 46%. His closest challenger, Fernando Haddad of the Workers’ Party (PT), earned …

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Myanmar and the limits of pan-Islamism

Since Myanmar’s latest bout of violence against the Rohingya began in 2012, there has been a slow uptick of outrage in the Muslim world. But it was only recently, once international observers described what was happening there as an ethnic cleansing, that Muslim concern became more vocal than protests in …

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