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Immigrants to Malaysia

Malaysia to-day [July 10] tightened its immigration regulations and called on all non-citizens above 12 years of age to call at the Immigration Office before September 15 to furnish fresh particulars about themselves. There are an estimated 700,000 non-citizens among Malaysia’s 10 million population, nearly a quarter million of them …

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Grecian churn

Greece under Mr. Mitsotakis is set fora period of stability and continuity The verdict in Sunday’s Greek elections affords a rare comfort for Europe’s centrists, who, arguably with the exception of Spain in April, have of late ceded ground to populist forces. The conservative centre-right New Democracy party of Prime …

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Caution needed

Supreme Court decision on the Rohingya’s status must protect those fleeing persecution The Supreme Court’s decision to examine the question whether illegal immigrants are entitled to refugee status needs to be welcomed, but with caution. It is debatable whether the Centre is right in claiming that this has emerged as …

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A case for nutrition counselling

It is a low-cost measure that offers lifelong benefits The Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) scheme is one of the world’s largest programmes for early childhood care and development. Now, a new study suggests that nutrition and health counselling delivered under the programme’s auspices is one of the best possible …

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Deepening #MeToo

A year after an actor inspired women to speak up against harassment, it’s critical to assess the gains and challenges In the mid and late-1800s, social movements in Europe for equal rights for women threw up the word ‘feminism’, which traces its origins to French. The suffrage movement in Britain …

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Turning down the heat

There is enormous potential in mitigating climate change through forest restoration During the run-up to the Paris climate change meeting in 2015 (COP-21) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, each country decided the level and kind of effort it would undertake to solve the global problem of …

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Nehru and the Kashmir quandary

The former PM erred in having too much confidence in the sense of justice of his successors Union Home Minister Amit Shah earlier this month held India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, responsible for the country being deprived of one-third of Kashmir. Except for those who deify Nehru, most others …

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A demographic window of opportunity

In India, investing in the laggard States will ensure their role as being the greatest contributors of the future Last month, the United Nations released the 26th revision of World Population Prospects and forecast that India will overtake China as the most populous country by 2027. The only surprise associated …

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‘Doctor’ Alexa to the aid of Britons

NHA teams up with Amazon to provide medical advice for common ailments Britain’s state-run health service is teaming up with Amazon to provide medical advice for common ailments such as migraines and flu via the tech giant’s voice assistant Alexa, aiming to help more patients at home and cut down …

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Outward FDI drops to $820 million

India Inc.’s foreign direct investment (FDI) in June fell by over two times from a year ago to $820.36 million, data from the Reserve Bank of India showed Wednesday. The outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) by the Indian firms stood at $2.29 billion in the same month the previous year, …

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