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Promoting powerlooms (From an Editorial)

For several years now, the problem of introducing powerlooms to the large number of weavers in Tamil Nadu has been postponed, but the present Government has announced its determination to see the scheme through. It has been pushed in this direction by the yarn industry which now depends on distant …

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Agents of change

There is evidence of the overall benefits that accrue from investing in women’s education If the evidence is clear and present, then not acting on it would be a chilling demonstration of inability and inefficiency, and the lack of will to bring about change. There should be no doubt that …

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Refusing to recuse

There is a compelling case for Justice Mishra to withdraw from the land acquisition case Should Justice Arun Mishra recuse from a five-judge Supreme Court Bench formed to give an authoritative interpretation of a provision in the 2013 land acquisition law? There is quite a compelling case that he must. …

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Restoring maritime commons

India and China must aspire to ensure that Asia’s seas are not arenas of contestation The bonds of commerce and cosmopolitanism that had illuminated the First Asian Millennium were on ample display at the second informal summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Mamallapuram. At …

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Not green, but greenwash

Technological solutions cannot combat ecological challenges From producing artificial meat to using renewable energy, businesses seem to be driven by concern for our planet. But are they really? Or is this all an attempt to gain a sense of credibility for a project otherwise driven by the mundane, old profit …

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The operative word must be bilateralism

Using their convergence of perception on many issues, India and the U.S. can work closely in reshaping the global order Global politics is changing at a fast pace. Thus a setting where there was a chariot of peace, joint co-operation, multilateralism and liberalism whose strings were controlled by institutions such …

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In Haryana, it’s BJP versus the rest

The Assembly election verdict will indicate the political future of State-based parties As Haryana gets ready for its 14th Assembly election, to be held on October 21, it is time to see how it compares in electoral terms with other States. Differences and similarities Haryana’s ‘exceptionalism’ becomes evident when we …

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Taking national data seriously

India must not trade away its national data rights at the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership negotiations In a digital economy, data is the central resource. The Prime Minister recently compared data to property at the advent of the industrial era. Data is being considered as a nation’s new wealth. How …

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India ranks 102 in hunger index

India is ranked 102 of 117 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2019, behind its neighbours Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The report, prepared jointly by Irish aid agency Concern Worldwide and German organisation Welt Hunger Hilfe termed the level of hunger in India “serious”. In 2018, India was ranked 103 …

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