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Recently, a fossil unearthed in central Montana (US) of a species named Syllipsimopodibideni represents the oldest-known relative of today’s octopuses and boasts 10 arms, with two twice as long as the other eight. It has been named after the US president, Joe Biden. Characteristics of the Species Syllipsimopodi, about 12 cm long, had a torpedo-shaped body and …

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Recently the 37th Foundation Day of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) was celebrated (11th March 1986) . National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) NCRB, headquartered in New Delhi, was set-up in 1986 under the Ministry of Home Affairs to function as a repository of information on crime and criminals so as to assist the investigators in …

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The vast scope and potential of blockchain technology has attracted the gaming industry over the past few years. In India too, gaming industries are exploring this option. Blockchain is a decentralised database that stores information. It relies on technology that allows for the storage of identical copies of this information on multiple computers in …

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The Sikkim government is set to announce a scheme (Bahini) to install vending machines to provide free sanitary pads. This is the first time that a state government has taken a decision to cover all girls studying in Classes 9-12. Purpose of the Scheme It aims at providing “100% access to free and safe …

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Recently, after Russia invaded Ukraine, the US imposed sanctions on Russia including a ban on transfer of technology and on Russian banks. Following this, the Russian space agency Roscosmos held that the State Corporation will not cooperate with Germany on joint experiments in the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS).  Russia’s role in maintaining the …

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US and other members of the Group of Seven (G7) will revoke Russia’s “Permanent Normal Trade Relations (Pntr)” status to punish Russia for war over Ukraine. The move would pave the way for the US to impose tariffs on a wide range of Russian goods, heightening pressure on an economy on the brink of deep recession A recession is …

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