Between the two distinct hemispheres of the brain

Twins. They had their own ways of doing things; at times barely agreeing with each other. Albeit they were identical, intricacies and layers of complexity defined them. One believed in logic. Calculated efforts. “You must trust only the facts!” was a frequent reminder to the wayward sibling. Neat and ordered – there was never a feather out of place when the logical twin was around. More often than not, covering up for the headstrong twin was an unpaid job. While the logical twin wasn’t around, the headstrong little rebellious one gave wings to its imagination. Splashes of colour, rhythmic beats, the strongest of emotions and free-thinking defined its being. Feelings were often a bone of contention between them. While one believed in rational explanations to all things under the sun, the other often expressed rage. “Anything that is deeply felt does not warrant explanation. I don’t see how you require everything to make sense!” “All entities have a logical meaning. There is beauty in rationale too. You must learn to envision that.” “I’ll give you one thing. You remember what you saw. I remember how I felt.” One twin contemplated with words. The other: visuals. One could not exist without the other. The twins knew each other inside out, much as their ideals differed. Every single feature, the specks on each other: they knew it all inside out. They shared their chores with no remorse on helping out. Their duality connected them together, like a rope bridge across a river, connecting two lands. Undoubtedly, they had bits of themselves in each other. They looked like two separate entities along a fine edge but when they put their individual skill sets to work as a team, they would never court defeat. They seemed stark opposites, but that was exactly why they stayed together — they complemented each other. They put the puzzle pieces together. They grew by elevating each other. Twins. Left Brain. Right Brain.

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