Liquidity squeeze hurts NBFCs

With concern over repayment of dues, shadow banks are caught in a vicious cycle What’s up with NBFCs? Shares of non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) have witnessed a steep fall in recent weeks after concerns over whether they can successfully meet their short-term dues. Housing finance companies (HFCs) in particular have …

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Midnight rumble

The Centre, which has been dragged intothe CBI mess, has a lot of explaining to do The abrupt replacement of Alok Verma as Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation, albeit as an interim measure, is the culmination of a series of murky events that must deeply embarrass the Centre. …

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The long march

#CaravanaMigrante puts issues inthe U.S. mid-term elections in sharp relief The winding caravan of more than 7,000 migrants from Central America through Mexico has become such a political hot potato that it is likely to thrust the immigration issue to the forefront of the U.S. mid-term elections, barely two weeks …

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Separating art from the artist

The emotional toil of loving a work while scorning its creator will be a burden borne by the next generation One of the enduring legacies of the #MeToo movement will be the dilemma of separating the art from the artist. This predicament applies even when the creator of a much-loved …

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The prince and the kingdom

Under Mohammed bin Salman, there has been an incremental erosion of Saudi Arabia’s strategic power In April 2018, while in the U.S., Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that he would “encourage the power of law” inside the Kingdom. “We would like to encourage freedom of speech as …

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A city terrorised out of character

How a bruised Mumbai morphed into the most sanitised and uninteresting version of itself after 26/11 Brace yourselves. November is just around the corner. Indian print and television media will soon go into overdrive about the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. Everybody will want in on the 10-year anniversary of one …

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An ‘anti-national’ regulation

Silencing of academics from criticising the government denies us a vital safeguard against despotism The university in India is morphing under external pressure. How it will end up should be a matter of concern for all Indians and not just its denizens. This is so as universities are a source …

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Christian Literature Society Centenary.

The centenary of the Society and the Religious Tract and Book Society, Madras, was celebrated last evening [October 24] in the Memorial Hall, H.E. the Governor presiding. The proceedings commenced with a prayer. The Lord Bishop of Madras in referring to the work of the Society said that the profuse …

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A Case Under Factory Act.

At the Mazagaon (Bombay) Police Court, Rao Bahadur C.H. Setalvad, Second Presidency Magistrate, has delivered judgment in two cases in which the Inspector of Factories charged Mr. P.A. Babtista of Morarji Goculdas Mills and Mr. Guthrie of Sassoon Spinning and Weaving Mills with having employed a number of minor boys …

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