‘Hug each Kashmiri, build new paradise’

Prime Minister Modi sees attempts from across the border to spread violence in the State

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said it was time to build a new Kashmir after the scrapping of Article 370, and the country should unite as one towards this.
“Earlier, the slogan used to beKashmir hamara hai[Kashmir is ours]. This must now change toNaya Kashmir banana hai[We must make a new Kashmir]. We have to once again build a paradise [in Kashmir]… hug each Kashmiri,” he said at the last rally of the Mahajanadesh Yatra that was launched by Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on August 1. The scrapping of Article 370 would help remove Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh from the vicious cycle of militancy, violence and corruption. “We had promised the country we will make fresh attempts to resolve the issues affecting Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. I can happily say today that the country is working towards fulfilling those dreams.” It was not the decision of one government, but the wish of 1.3 crore Indians, he said.

‘A clear picture’
The first 100 days of the government, he asserted, were marked by “promise, performance and delivery”. “In the first 100 days we have given a clear picture of what is to come in the next five years.” Attempts were being made from across the border to spread violence in Kashmir and the Opposition was trying to gain political mileage from an issue which was for the larger good of the country, he observed. Taking a swipe at Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar for his remarks on the scrapping of Article 370, Mr. Modi said, “I can understand the Congress’s confusion. But Sharad Pawar? A leader as experienced as him makes wrong statements just to gain votes and it hurts me. Mr. Pawar likes our neighbouring country. The whole of Maharashtra, India and even the world knows where is the factory of terrorism located.” Mr. Modi praised the Maharashtra government led by Mr. Fadnavis. He said crores of people had blessed the Chief Minister during the course of his 4,000 km State-wide tour and he had given a stable government despite the BJP not having full majority. He slammed those opposing the national animal disease control programme. He said, “Cattle don’t vote.” The programme aimed to vaccinate 50 crore livestock across the country, which the Opposition had called a political move. Accusing the UPA government of not being serious on national security, Mr. Modi said that in 2009, it had ignored the demand for 1.86 lakh bulletproof jackets for security personnel. Under the BJP government, the requirements of the forces had been met and bulletproof jackets made in India were exported to 100 countries.

Source : https://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/hug-each-kashmiri-and-build-a-new-paradise-says-pm-modi/article29463778.ece

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