Indian Army. Lord French’s Tribute.

In the course of a letter to Princess Sophia Duleep in connection with the forthcoming India Day, Lord French expresses his high appreciation of the services of Indian fighters on the west front in 1914-1915. “When”, says Lord French, “the Indian troops first arrived the situation was so drastic that it was necessary to call upon them immediately to reinforce the fighting front and help to stem the German thrust. Their fine fighting qualities and their tenacity and endurance were well manifested during the first battle of Ypres before they had been able completely to organise after their voyage from India. The manner in which they acquitted themselves showed the excellence of their previous training for war. In all the subsequent battles in these years they took a prominent part and behaved with the utmost gallantry. I have no hesitation in saying that they splendidly upheld the glorious fighting traditions of the Indian Army. This record is all the more honourable when it is remembered that they were suddenly despatched from a hot climate in almost the worst season of the year to face the rigours of a western winter.”

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