Many die in Sino-Soviet clash

China and Russia to-day [August 13] accused each other of intruding into their territory in the Sinkiang area. Both said the intruding forces had killed several of the defending soldiers. China claimed that “Several hundred” Soviet mechanized troops, under cover of helicopters, tanks and armoured cars, have crossed the border into Sinkiang province. The clash occurred 500 miles from China’s nuclear installations. Peking Radio, in its Chinese language broadcast monitored in Tokyo, said China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has denounced the ‘intrusion’ and lodged a protest note with the Soviet Embassy in Peking. The broadcast said the Soviet intrusion took place near Yumin along the western sector of Sinkiang Province bordering the Soviet Union. The note indicated that fighting was still going on since it demanded immediate withdrawal of Soviet troops or face the consequences from the action. The broadcast said that on the morning of August 13 several hundred troops under cover of two helicopters and more than 10 tanks and armoured cars intruded two kilometres deep into Sinkiang province. Chinese border troops on regular patrol duty, responded to the attack.

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