Nizam’s Charter to Osmania University

H.E.H. The Nizam has granted a firman or charter to the Osmania University — about which some little speculation has been rife — which was opened on the 6th October current synchronizing with the 1st Mohorrum, Hegira 1887. The objects of the University are to teach religion, moral science, philosophy, natural science, history, medicine, law, agriculture, commercial and other higher scientific subjects, industrial and research work. The outstanding peculiarity of the University, and it is a most healthy sign that H.E. Highness has determined to make a departure which from a national point of view is a very important one, is that the entire medium of instruction will be Urdu with English as a compulsory second language. The preference given to English over the vernaculars has had a distinctly denationalizing tendency in India and it is satisfactory that the Princes and publicists in this country are making some attempt to stem this process by drawing attention to the absolute necessity of Indian communities learning in a thorough manner their mother tongues.

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