Space workshop to be put in orbit

The United States plans to put a space workshop into orbit in 1972, the Space Agency announced here [Houston] yesterday [July 22]. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said the third stage of the giant Saturn 5 rocket used to send Apollo spaceships to the moon would be used to house the orbiting laboratory and observatory. The project will study man’s physiological and psychological responses in the space environment, and provide more detailed information on his capabilities for extended manned flight. The workshop is to be fitted out on the ground and will be launched into a 220 nautical mile circular earth orbit. It will be occupied by a crew of three astronauts who will follow in a smaller rocket about a day later. At first, the astronaut-scientists will spend about 28 days in the orbiting workshop, but later visits lasting up to 56 days are planned. The laboratory will be built into a modified S-IVB third stage of the Saturn 5 rocket. The S-IVB is used as the Saturn 1B’s second stage.

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