U.S.-China ties make ‘big leap forward’, says Trump

Proposes talks with Xi and Putin to halt the ‘uncontrollable’ arms race
U.S. President Donald Trump boasted on Monday that U.S. relations with China have taken a “BIG leap forward” following his meeting in Argentina with President Xi Jinping.
“Very good things will happen. We are dealing from great strength, but China likewise has much to gain if and when a deal is completed. Level the field!” he said in a series of early morning tweets. Mr. Trump alluded — possibly inadvertently — to the “Great Leap Forward”, Mao Zedong’s campaign to rapidly industrialise China’s agrarian economy, which historians believe led to the deaths of millions of people in the Great Chinese Famine. Mr. Trump, who joined Mr. Xi in calling a truce on an intensifying trade war between their two powerhouse countries, earlier touted a rollback in Chinese tariffs on U.S.-made cars. At their dinner meeting in Buenos Aires on Saturday, the two leaders agreed to suspend any new tariffs and give negotiators 90 days to strike a deal, sending stock markets soaring.
“My meeting in Argentina with President Xi of China was an extraordinary one. Relations with China have taken a BIG leap forward!” Mr. Trump said. “Farmers will be a very BIG and FAST beneficiary of our deal with China. They intend to start purchasing agricultural product immediately. We make the finest and cleanest product in the World, and that is what China wants. Farmers, I LOVE YOU!” he said. “He [Xi] and I are the only two people that can bring about massive and very positive change, on trade and far beyond, between our two great Nations. A solution for North Korea is a great thing for China and ALL!”Mr. Trump also proposed future talks with the leaders of China and Russia, aimed at halting what he described as an “uncontrollable” arms race. His comment follows an October announcement in which he said he would withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), a Cold War deal with Russia to cut missile numbers. Critics say the move, which has not been finalised, would spark a new arms race with Russia. In an early morning tweet, the President said: “I am certain that, at some time in the future, President Xi and I, together with President Putin of Russia, will start talking about a meaningful halt to what has become a major and uncontrollable Arms Race. The U.S. spent 716 Billion Dollars this year. Crazy!”
Source : https://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-international/us-china-ties-make-big-leap-forward-says-trump/article25658733.ece

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