Daily Archives: October 12, 2018

The Influenza Epidemic.

Unfortunately the influenza epidemic does not show any indication of abatement in Madras City and in the mofussil. Official figures in regard to the latter are not available, but in the City, the Health Officer has reported that in the week ending with the 5th instant, the number of deaths …

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The Food Control. New Machinery.

The Government of India have decided to discontinue further purchases of wheat for export overseas other than (1) Wheat which is absolutely necessary on military and Government account and (2) supplies to Mosopotamia, and they have under consideration the question of reducing these commitments. The Government of India further propose …

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Silent and suffering

Manual scavenging remains a social reality despitea 2013 act calling for its abolition One manual scavenger dies every five days, according to official data. Recently, the Delhi High Court gave the authorities two months to identify manual scavengers in the national capital. The order proved two things — one, manual …

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Whither inclusiveness?

The Windrush scandal has raised questions on Britain’s attitudetowards immigrants In the 1960s, hundreds of immigrants reached the United Kingdom from the West Indies, on the ship, the Windrush. They came to provide an essential service. Sadly, they were not properly integrated into the U.K. and recently many of them …

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The movement to make workplacessafe for women must involve us all In what has been called India’s MeToo moment, the social media is thick with women coming forth with stories of sexual harassment. In the quick aftermath of actor Tanushree Dutta’s allegations, in an interview in end-September, of harassment at …

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An economics fix

The Nobel to work on growth and long-run sustainability frames a crucial priority American economists William D. Nordhaus and Paul M. Romer were jointly awarded the 50th economics Nobel prize this week in recognition of their work on economic growth and its long-run sustainability. The Nobel committee noted that the …

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Not without her consent

The #MeToo outpouring demands a new, fair system that delivers brisk justice At last count, Minister of State for External Affairs M.J. Akbar had been accused of sexual harassment by at least 10 women journalists. These accusations fall in a large spectrum — from inappropriate behaviour to acts of physical …

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Has the SC missed a chance to keep criminals out of polls?

The verdict is a disappointment — what we need are untainted MPs The September 25 verdict of the Supreme Court on criminalisation of politics left much to be desired. The Election Commission (EC), frustrated by its own helplessness in the matter, has been crying hoarse to the government, political parties …

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The great Indian abdication

The judiciary alone cannot take forward the mission of deepening democracy and protecting social freedoms Unless… philosophers become kings in the cities… there can be no cessation of evils… for cities nor, I think, for the human race . — Plato, The Republic After the slew of verdicts by the …

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