Daily Archives: July 19, 2022


Recently, the Consultative Committee meeting of the Ministry of Civil Aviation was held in New Delhi to discuss ‘DIGI YATRA’. It is a project conceived to achieve contactless, seamless processing of passengers at Airports, based on Facial Recognition Technology (FRT). The project envisages that any traveller may pass through various checkpoints at the airport through a paperless …

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Farmers in Kerala are protesting against Supreme Court’s order to establish Eco-Sensitive Zones (ESZs). The SC has directed to have a mandatory ESZ of minimum one kilometre measured from the demarcated boundary of every protected forest, including the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The Kerala State Assembly demands the Centre to notify the zones by …

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Recently, the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, 2022 (GP DRR 2022) took place in Indonesia. The outcome was summarised in the Bali Agenda for Reilience From Risk to Resilience: Towards Sustainable Development For All in a Covid-19 Transformed World. It was the first global gathering for disaster risk reduction (DRR) actors since the Covid …

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The Prime Minister of India unveiled the 6.5 metre-tall National Emblem on top of the under-construction new Parliament building recently. The State Emblem of India is the national emblem of the Republic of India and is used by the union government, many state governments, and other government agencies. History: The State emblem is an adaptation from …

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recommended a ban on cryptocurrencies citing ‘destabilising effects’ for the country’s monetary and fiscal health. China has declared all cryptocurrency transactions illegal, effectively imposing a complete ban, whereas El Salvador has permitted Bitcoin as legal tender. At the moment, there is no legislature that covers cryptocurrencies in India. In India, owning cryptocurrencies …

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