• Recently, the Election Commission (EC) started a campaign to promote the linkage of Voter ID and Aadhaar,
  • Further, Government officials have asked individuals to link them Aadhaar with their Voter IDs and failure to link voter ID with Aadhar could lead to the cancellation of their Voter ID card.
  • The linking project would help the Election Commission, which conducts regular exercises to maintain an updated and accurate record of the voter base.
  • To weed out duplication of voters, such as migrant workers who may have been registered more than once on the electoral rolls in different constituencies or for persons registered multiple times within the same constituency.
  • As per the government, linkage of Aadhaar with voter IDs will assist in ensuring that only one Voter ID is issued per citizen of India.

Significances of this Linkage

  • At the end of 2021, 99.7% of the adult Indian population had an Aadhaar card.
  • This coverage exceeds that of any other officially valid document such as driver’s licence, ration cards, PAN cards etc that are mostly applied for specific purposes.
  • Since Aadhaar allows for biometric authentication, Aadhaar-based authentication and verification are considered more reliable, quicker and cost-efficient when compared to other IDs.

Way Forward

  • The Government must invite public opinion and allow deeper parliamentary scrutiny before implementing any new provisions.
  • It is of utmost importance in a Parliamentary democracy like India that not just the ordinary citizens but also the elected representatives are not being deprived of their rights and opportunities.


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