India nominates 12 forts of Marathas for UNESCO World Heritage List India has formally nominated the “Maratha Military Landscapes” for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List for 2024-25. This proposal includes a network of twelve forts in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu that demonstrate the Maratha rulers’ strategic military prowess. …

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Dhimsa Dance

The Dhimsa dance is a vibrant and energetic tribal dance form originating from the Koraput district of Odisha, India. While traditionally performed by the Porja caste women, it has transcended boundaries and become a beloved cultural symbol across Andhra Pradesh, particularly in the regions around Araku Valley and Visakhapatnam. Meaning …

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Voice Cloning

About Voice Cloning Voice cloning is the process of creating a synthetic voice from audio recordings of a real person. Why in NEWS Music composer A.R. Rahman has stated that his team obtained the necessary permission to use an AI software to recreate the voices of late singers Bamba Bakya …

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A new species of tiny lizards

Why in NEWS The Western Ghats’ biodiverse forests have produced yet another evolutionary marvel: a new species of tiny lizards dubbed the “diminutive dragon” by researchers. Agasthyagama edge, also known as the northern kangaroo lizard, belongs to the Agamidae family and has a maximum snout-vent length of 4.3 cm. The …

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Acid rain and Fossil Fuels

Our dependence on fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas comes at a hidden cost. When burned for electricity generation, industrial processes, or transportation, these fuels release harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. The primary polutars behind acid rain are sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Imagine a power …

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Republic Day 2024 Tableaux

The Republic Day 2024 Parade at Kartavya Path promises a wide and lively show with themes ranging from education and empowerment to traditional arts and athletic achievements. Each tableau adds to the rich tapestry of India’s unity in diversity by capturing the distinct cultural, social, and technological characteristics of the …

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About Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur built five Jantar Mantars in  eighteenth century: New Delhi, Jaipur, Ujjain, Mathura, and Varanasi. These completed between 1724 and 1735. It consists of about 20 primary stationary instruments. These are massive brick replicas of well-known instruments, many of which have unique qualities of …

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No snowfall in Kashmir

January is usually the month when Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are covered in snow. This winter, however, these areas have been extremely dry. Places like Gulmarg and Pahalgam, which are well-known skiing destinations, have been unable to provide opportunities for the winter sport. Himachal Pradesh, a state known for its …

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