New species of shark squirts clouds of light

It was found in the Gulf of Mexico
A pocket-sized pocket shark found in the Gulf of Mexico has turned out to be a new species. The pouches near its front fins squirt little glowing clouds into the ocean, scientists said. Researchers from around the Gulf and in New York have named the species the American pocket shark, or Mollisquama mississippiensis. It is only the third out of more than 500 known shark species that may squirt luminous liquid, said R. Dean Grubbs, a Florida State University scientist who was not involved in the research. He said the other two are the previously known pocket shark and the taillight shark, which has a similar gland near its tail. “You have this tiny little bulbous luminescent shark cruising around in the world’s oceans and we know nothing about them,” said Mr. Grubbs, ex-president of the American Elasmobranch Society of scientists who study sharks, skates and rays. Like the only other 16- inch pocket shark known to science, this 5.6-inch newborn male fished out of the Gulf has a pouch next to each front fin. The luminescence might conceal the shark from prey or from predators, scientists said

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