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WHO issues guidelines for audio devices

More than one billion young people risk damaging their hearing through excessive use of smartphones and other audio devices, the UN has warned, proposing new safety standards for safe volume levels. In a bid to safeguard hearing, the World Health Organization and International Telecommunications Union issued a non-binding international standard …

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Blink and miss: Kerala’s mystery frog

Forget dense forests. Even roadsides could be harbouring new species that are hard to find. Scientists from the University of Delhi have discovered a new amphibian — a mysterious narrow-mouthed frog, that makes only a four-day appearance in seasonal roadside puddles every year in Kerala’s Wayanad district — according to …

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Deep sea treasures

Hydrothermarchaeota, or microbes living in extreme environments may hold clues to the evolution of early life. These microbes use carbon monoxide and sulfate as sources of energy – chemosynthesis. Published inThe ISME Journal, the study used genomic approaches to unravel the secrets of its survival. It may help predict about …

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Moving continents created new centipede species

Ethmostigmus centipedes dispersed across peninsular India to form new species Fossils and advanced genetic methods to study relationships between species now tell an intriguing story about a group of tropical centipedes. Continental drift (the moving apart of continents) almost 100 million years ago created many species of Ethmostigmus centipedes in …

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IIT Madras identifies unique pathways of eye cancer

13 drug targets for treating retinoblastoma have been identified Based on computational modelling, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras have identified the biochemical pathways that eye cancer (retinoblastoma) preferentially chooses for growth and survival. The pathways chosen are very different from the ones that normal, healthy cells …

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The Table that defines chemistry turns 150

The majestic table of elements that hangs on the walls of chemistry classrooms across the world has turned 150 years old in 2019. The ‘Periodic Table of Elements’, or simply, ‘The Table’ for many, was written by Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev on 17th February 1869. Looking back, the Table opens a …

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Hand transplants may be a reality in hospitals soon

Hand transplants may soon become a reality in Karnataka, with some hospitals applying for transplantation licence with the State government. State Health Director P.S. Prabhakar, who is also the Joint Director (Medical) and the transplantation licensing authority for hospitals, told The Hindu on Saturday that at least three hospitals had …

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