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Calcutta Moderates’ Manifesto.

A manifesto signed by 29 leading moderate leaders of Bengal, including Messrs. Surendranath Bannerjee, Prithwis Chandra Ray, Ananda Chandra Roy, Baikunthanath Sen, Ambica Charan Mozumdar, Sir Benode Mitter, Sir Nilratan Sircar and Mr. Provas Chandra Mitter, has just been published [in Calcutta] explaining at length the reason for the abstention …

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Child Murder Case. Accused Convicted.

Major E.H.S. James, Sessions Judge, Civil and Military Station, to-day [August 14, Bangalore] delivered judgment on the Marwari child murder case in which Naga, a Hindu milkman, and Yesoda Bai, an Eurasian woman, were charged, the former with alleged murder and robbery and the latter with alleged murder, abetment of …

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The currency turmoil in Turkey

What happened to the Turkish lira? The Turkish lira lost a fifth of its value against the U.S. dollar last week, hitting a new low on Monday before some recovery later in the week. The currency has lost over 40% of its value against the dollar this year. What caused …

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Sanitised stories

Bollywood biopics are either adulatory or a whitewash, but there are some exceptions that give hope I saw Sanju on the day of its release and it left me cold. It reaffirmed my view that Bollywood rarely gets biopics right. Bollywood biopics are either adulatory or a complete whitewash because …

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Fear isn’t the key

India’s stock markets are booming, with the BSE Sensex touching new highs. The regulation of securities markets has evolved over the last two and a half decades since the setting up of the Securities and Exchange Board of India, but it is still a work in progress. Front-running, insider trading, …

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Making NHPM work

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement on Independence Day that Ayushman Bharat, or the National Health Protection Mission, will be launched formally on September 25 sends out the signal that the government is finally recognising the linkages between health care and economic development. Political parties have not yet made the right …

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Probing an amendment

In the monsoon session, Parliament passed certain amendments to laws on corruption, which could have a far-reaching effect. Among them, the focus here is on two aspects: one requiring prior approval for initiating investigation into allegations of corruption against public servants, and the other requiring prior sanction for prosecution of …

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Questioning a crackdown

The decision of the Ministry of Health to restrict, from September 1, the manufacture of oxytocin only to the public sector unit, Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (KAPL), has sparked fears of shortages and a disruption of supplies of this drug. Oxytocin — which is considered to be a critical …

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The roadmap to military reform

In the debate on reform in the Indian military, there is a need for clear policy-driven directives that meet India’s national security needs and challenges. A recent historical overview would indicate just how confused things are, which doesn’t augur well for a ‘leading power’. The initial flavour of the debate …

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Lessons in alternative histories

Around August 15 every year, Indians tend to get more correct and prickly. The 15th is a precious day for us. We demand a salute to our state and status as a great independent nation. Any critique is summarily dismissed, often at the cost to our own understanding of the …

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