Calcutta Moderates’ Manifesto.

A manifesto signed by 29 leading moderate leaders of Bengal, including Messrs. Surendranath Bannerjee, Prithwis Chandra Ray, Ananda Chandra Roy, Baikunthanath Sen, Ambica Charan Mozumdar, Sir Benode Mitter, Sir Nilratan Sircar and Mr. Provas Chandra Mitter, has just been published [in Calcutta] explaining at length the reason for the abstention of the moderate party of Bengal from the Special Congress to be held in Bombay a fortnight hence. They maintain there is a fundamental difference between the two schools of political thought, one recognising the limitations of the scheme based on the declaration of August 1917 and sincerity of its authors, while the other stand on the old Congress scheme and on absolute distrust. The manifesto deals with the resolutions of Madras and Bengal Special Conferences.

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