Daily Archives: December 14, 2018

Bombay Engineering Congress.

The fourth meeting of the Bombay Engineering Congress was opened yesterday [in Bombay on December 12] in the Board Room of the G.I.P. Railway. Over one hundred members were present from all parts of the presidency including Sind and representing different branches of Engineering. The president, Mr. F.J. Preston, delivered …

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Anti-Ayub riots in East Pakistan

Pakistan police to-day [December 13] opened fire at two places in Chittagong in East Pakistan, injuring 12 persons, according to a Radio Pakistan broadcast monitored here [New Delhi] to-night. A violent crowd attacked a food train during the Opposition-sponsored province-wide hartal to-day. When the police interfered, the crowd attacked them. …

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Time after time

In Telangana, the TRS banked on its regional appeal to keep the Congress out again In continuing with its politics of regional identity, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi won a second term in office in India’s newest State, pushing the national party, the Congress, to a distant second. TRS leader K. …

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Theresa must

Having survived a party challenge, the British PM should spell out London’s next steps British Prime Minister Theresa May has survived a trust vote on her Conservative party stewardship. But there is little sign that the bitter infighting within the ruling party will abate. Nor is there any assurance that …

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Idyllic no more

The pursuit of solitude has led tothe decline of Goa A poet who recently spoke of the need for solitude as a precondition for writing said that solitude made life simple, for example in terms of how much cooking was needed to sustain the person. She added that only the …

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The anatomy of a police station

Lacking personnel, funds and motivation, the thana is not structured to enforce the rule of law The death of inspector Subodh Kumar Singh, shot while trying to control a mob of cow vigilantes in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh, is a vivid expression of the contempt of our ruling classes, …

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Is it time to abolish the death penalty?

The death penalty is error-ridden, arbitrarily imposed and unfairly targets the poor As a punishment, the death penalty makes no sense: how does killing a person who has killed a person show that killing is wrong? Most of the civilised world has abolished it. India certainly does not need it …

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The fear of executive courts

India urgently needs the return of a thriving legal culture that uncompromisingly calls out political posturing On Monday, Justice S.R. Sen of the Meghalaya High Court observed in a judgment that “anybody opposing… Indian laws and the Constitution cannot be considered… citizens of the country.” The case involved the denial …

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India, China join hands to promote tea globally

Eye green, black tea consumption in Europe, U.S., Russia, West Asia Two apex industry organisations, Indian Tea Association (ITA) and China Tea Marketing Association (CTMA), have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote green and black tea consumption in major tea markets in Europe , the U.S., Russia and West …

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