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Many die in Sino-Soviet clash

China and Russia to-day [August 13] accused each other of intruding into their territory in the Sinkiang area. Both said the intruding forces had killed several of the defending soldiers. China claimed that “Several hundred” Soviet mechanized troops, under cover of helicopters, tanks and armoured cars, have crossed the border …

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Deliberate, don’t disrupt

One of the most unedifying sights in public life is lawmakers taking to organised disruption of legislative business. Such displays became common in Parliament in the past decade as political parties and legislators demonstratively advertised their points of view without recourse to debate. A number of crucial bills have taken …

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War within war

The Saudi-led coalition’s intervention in Yemen is proof of how things can go wrong with an ill-conceived, poorly strategised and geopolitics-driven military interference that cares little about human lives. After four years of war, the Saudis have not met their declared goal — pushing back the Shia Houthi rebels from …

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Biodiversity in the time of deluge

In mid-August 2018, Kerala experienced severe floods and is still struggling to deal with their devastating impact. It is a matter of deep concern that, a year later, the State is facing a similar situation. This only shows that there is a considerable human-induced natural imbalance in the State, making …

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Balancing T.N.’s growth model

Nearly three months into the southwest monsoon, the water crisis hasn’t abated in large parts of Chennai. This scenario, for sure, will haunt the city again next summer with an even greater vigour, as freshwater supply hasn’t overcome the rising demand.This demand-supply asymmetry has rendered traditional solutions such as rainwater …

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Writing out a clean Bill on health

Over the past few days, there have been expressions of concern in various fora over a few clauses of the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, now enacted. Even medical professionals have protested. According to media reports, there are five primary concerns. These pertain to the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET)/National Exit …

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Sanguine amidst slowdown

Any major country in the world would give an arm and a leg for a growth rate of 6% per annum. But, in India, we lament such an achievement as a ‘slowdown’. This is because, somehow, today we perceive any growth below 7% to be unsatisfactory. And not so long …

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The contours of the Kashmir move

The government has defended its twin decisions to revoke operative portions of Article 370 of the Constitution and dividing Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories as “internal policy” that warrant no international comment. While the Prime Minister’s moves have a domestic basis, their manner, or “Modi’s vivendi” as it …

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Retail inflation remains flat in July at 3.15%

Retail inflation in July snapped a five-month accelerating trend to ease marginally to 3.15%, according to official data released on Tuesday.Growth in the Consumer Price Index slowed slightly in July from 3.18% in June. Within the index, food prices bucked an eight-month accelerating trend to ease to 2.33% in July, …

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