Art in the new parliament 

New Parliament 

  • The new parliament, developed as a part of Central Vista Redevelopment project Takes care of infrastructural hurdles in parliamentary functioning. 

Inside Parliament 

  • Prime minister inaugurated the parliament and placed ‘Sengol’, the symbol of power  transfer to India from the British. 
  • The entire building accommodates around 5,000 works of art, including paintings, wall  panels, stone sculptures, metal murals and reliefs.Just over a month into its  inauguration, plans are already afoot for the next phase of the art project, which will  focus on the freedom movement and Indian traditions. 
  • The next phase will include around eight new galleries
    • Split equally between the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Foyers
    •  Besides artwork to adorn the dining halls. 
  • The first floor of the LS will also have two galleries 
    • One on the role of women in the nation’s development
    • Second one showcasing the role of tribal leaders in the freedom movement.
  • The Rajya Sabha Foyer will have two new galleries
    • One on India’s knowledge and Bhakti traditions
    • Other on the Indian connection with nature and traditional sports
  • The other walls of the building will be decorated with shlokas and other sacred  symbols. 
  • Its interior walls are decorated with principal motifs of the three national icons o The lotus, the peacock and the banyan tree. 
  • The building has three ceremonial foyers.
    • They have huge brass images of Gandhi, Chanakya, Gargi, Patel, Ambedkar,  and the Konark wheel.
  • The public entrances lead to three galleries.
    • The Sangeet Gallery meticulously exhibits the richness of the nritya, gayan and  vadya traditions of India.
    • It assembles various musical instruments and displays dance performances from  every state of the country.

Shantiniketan and Hoysala temples added to  UNESCO Heritage Sites 


Established in 1901 by the renowned poet and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore at Birbhum  district, West Bengal 

It is a beacon of vision and contributions of Maharshi Devendranath Tagore and his illustrious  son, Rabindranath Tagore 

It is a unique blend of education, art, and culture. 

A ‘world university’ was established at Santiniketan in 1921, recognizing the unity of humanity  or “Visva Bharati”.

Hoysala temples 

Dated between 12th and 13th CE, it was patronized by Hoysalas, who were feudatories of chalukyas of Kalyana. 

  • Chennakeshava temple – Belur, Hassan district 
  • Hoysaleshwara temple – Halebid, Hassan district 
  • Keshava temple – Somanathapur, Mysuru district 

ASI described the architecture of these temples to be the culmination of creative genius, architectural  eclecticism, and symbolism.

They were officially inscribed as ‘The Sacred Ensembles of Hoysalas’. Components of the temple 

  • They combined Vesara and Dravida style and developed new Hoysala style. o Most of their temples in Bhumija style.  
  • In this style miniature shikara is carved on the outerwall of the temple and vimana is  pyramidal in shape. 
  • Ornate with hyper-real sculptures, stone carvings and multi-tiered frieze made of  chlorite schist 
  • Follows a stellate plan and built on raised platform 

Other NEWS

Govt. Introduces  women’s quota Bill  in Lok Sabha Introduced the women’s reservation Bill in the Lok Sabha to  reserve one-third of the seats in the Lower House and the  Assemblies for women. 

128th Constitutional Amendment Bill would be implemented  only after the 2026 delimitation exercise using Census data Reservation is expected to be implemented only in the Lok  Sabha election in 2029. The law will be in force for 15 years.  The reserved seats will be rotated after every delimitation. Mps make up a mere 15% of the strength of the Lok Sabha  and around 10% in many Assemblies. 

The women’s reservation Bill was brought in earlier by the  Deve Gowda government in 1996, the Atal Bihari Vajpayee  government in 1998 and 1999 and the Manmohan Singh  government in 2008, when it was introduced in the Rajya  Sabha.

Centre floats new  science awards Rashtriya Vigyan Puraskar to felicitate scientists,  technologists and innovators 

Similar to the prestigious Padma award, it is expected to  bestow a certificate and a medallion on the awardee 

Comprise three Vigyan Ratna, 25 Vigyan Shri, 25 Vigyan  Yuva-Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar and three Vigyan Team  awards. 

Awarded annually for physics, chemistry, biological  sciences, mathematics and computer science, earth science,  medicine, engineering science, agricultural science,  environmental science, technology and innovation, atomic  energy, space science and technology, and others. 

Open to Persons of Indian Origin 

Announced annually on National Technology Day (May 11) and awarded on National Space Day, August 23.

Aditya L1  It underwent the Trans Lagrangian1 insertion manoeuvre Marks the beginning of ots 110-day journey to L1 point
France and  Germany back EU  enlargement  


Growing calls for expanding the EU 

France and Germany, the two largest economies in the  European Union, pushed new proposals for the enlargement  of the 27-member bloc 

Proposals include capping the number of EU legislators,  changing the voting mechanism by expanding majority  voting (as opposed to unanimity) and enhancing the bloc’s  budget.


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