PC import curbs

TOPICS COVERED: Indian economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization, of resources, growth, development and employment. Context:  Recently, the government restricted the import of laptops, tablets, all-in-one personal computers, ultra-small form factor computers and servers. Key details: The import of these products would be allowed against a valid licence for restricted imports. …

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How to make Urea more efficient as a fertilizer

TOPICS COVERED: Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment. Context: Recently, Prime Minister of India officially launched ‘Urea Gold’ fertiliser. What are fertilisers? Any material of natural or synthetic origin mixed with soil or apply to plant tissues to provide plant nutrients is fertiliser. Some of the fertilisers are urea, Di-ammonium phosphate(DAP) and Muriate of Potash. About Urea …

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Three bills to overhaul India’s Criminal Justice system

TOPICS COVERED: Structure, organization and functioning of the Executive and the Judiciary—Ministries and Departments of the Government; pressure groups and formal/informal associations and their role in the Polity. Context: Union Home Minister introduced three bills in the Lok Sabha to replace the Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure and …

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Luna 25 vs Chandrayaan 3

TOPICS COVERED: Awareness in the fields of IT, Space, Computers, robotics, nano-technology, bio-technology and issues relating to intellectual property rights. Context: Russia’s Luna 25 could land on the moon days before Chandrayaan-3 Key details: Luna-25 was launched almost a month after the launch of Chandrayaan-3. It will reach before Chandrayan-3 because the …

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14 States yet to join education scheme

Syllabus: Inclusive growth Context Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal are among the 14 States and Union Territories which are yet to sign a crucial memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Union Education Ministry NEP andates the implementation of the National Education Policy, 2020 to get funds of almost ₹13,000 …

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Yelagiri hut shelters 200 years of hill tribe history

Syllabus: Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times. Whyin NEWS In the hamlet for about 200 years, this last old-fashioned hut of the tribe is owned and maintained by Govinthasamy, a tribesman and former member of the Yelagiri panchayat. …

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Overhaul British-era criminal laws

Syllabus: Parliament and State legislatures—structure, functioning, conduct of business, powers & privileges and issues arising out of these. Context Union Home Minister introduced three Bills in the Lok Sabha to repeal the British-era Indian Penal Code (IPC), the Indian Evidence Act (IEA) and the Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr.PC). New …

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Bill seeks to remove CJI from panel that picks CEC and ECs

Syllabus: Structure, organization and functioning of the Executive and the Judiciary Context In a controversial move, the Union government on Thursday introduced a Bill to remove the Chief Justice of India (CJI) from a panel to select the Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners. In Detail Instead of the CJI, …

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