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Novel technique could help detect tropical cyclones for Bay of Bengal Basin earlier than satellites

Indian Scientists have found a promising technique for early detection of development or strengthening of tropical cyclones in the atmospheric column prior to satellite detection over ocean surface in North Indian Ocean region. Early detection of Tropical cyclones has wide socio-economic implications. So far, remote sensing techniques have detected them the earliest. …

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Department of Biotechnology supported First CAR-T cell therapy conducted at ACTREC, Tata Hospital in Mumbai

DBT/BIRAC-NBM Supported Phase I/II Clinical Trials The Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy has emerged as a breakthrough in cancer treatment. Clinical trials conducted globally have shown promising results in end stage patients, especially in patients suffering from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Though this technology has a remarkable therapeutic potential for …

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A new study will help accurate estimation of black carbon over the Himalaya, a key contributor to global warming & improve weather & climate predictions

Accurate estimation of black carbon (BC), the second most important global warming pollutant after CO­2, will now be possible using optical instruments in the Himalayan region. Thanks to a parameter called the mass absorption cross-section (MAC) specific to the Himalayan region that scientists have estimated. It will also improve the …

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New eco-friendly process enhances fatigue life of aluminium alloy used in aerospace components

Indian Scientists have developed an environmental-friendly process, which can provide excellent corrosion resistance to the high-strength aluminium (Al) alloys extensively used in aerospace, textile, and automotive applications. It involves an electrochemical method for the production of an oxide film on the metallic substrate. High-strength aluminium (Al) alloys are extensively used in aerospace, textile, and …

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ASPAGNIITM is being used in dendritic cell (DC) based immunotherapy in cervical, ovarian cancer and will also be used in breast cancer.

ASPAGNIITM may revolutionise cancer treatment Cancer kills8.51 lakh people in India every year (International Agency for Research on Cancer, 2020,Globocan).  As per World Health Organization (WHO), one in 10 Indians will develop cancer during their lifetime, and one in 15 will die of cancer. Therefore,  it is all the more …

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Nanorod based oxygen sensor working at room temperature can save lives in places like underground mines, higher altitudes

Indian Scientists have developed a nanorods-based oxygen sensor which works at room temperature with assistance of UV irradiation and can detect oxygen gas concentrations in places such as underground mines, at higher altitudes, inside aeroplanes and research labs. Monitoring O2 concentration in very low ppm-level is of paramount importance, and a fast …

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