Conservation, Environmental Pollution and Degradation, Environmental Impact Assessment.



  • A tigress was found dead in the buffer zone of Kanha tiger reserve in MadhyaPradesh.
  • It stretches over an area of 940 square km in the two districts –Mandlaand Balaghat – of Madhya Pradesh.


  • It is best known for its evergreen Sal forests (Shorea Robusta).
  • It is the first tiger reserve in India to officially introduce a mascot,“Bhoorsingh the Barasingha”.


  • For the purpose of management, tiger reserves are constituted on a ‘core – buffer’strategy.
  • In core areas,forestry operations, collection of minor forest produce, grazing, humansettlement and other biotic disturbances are not allowed and are singularly orientedtowards conservation.
  • The buffer zoneis managed as a ‘multiple use area’ with conservation oriented landuse, having the twin objectives of providing habitat supplement to the spilloverpopulation of wild animals from the core, apart from facilitating site specific ecodevelopmental inputs to stakeholder communities.


There are three subspecies of swamp deer found in the IndianSubcontinent.

  1. The west ern swamp deer(Rucervusduvaucelii) found in Nepal,
  2. Southern swamp deer/Hard Ground Barasingha(Rucervusduvauceliibranderi) found in central and north Indiaand
  3. Eastern swamp deer(Rucervusduvauceliiranjitsinhi) found in theKaziranga(Assam) and Dudhwa National Parks(Uttar Pradesh).


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