• Board of India (AWBI) wants to name February 14 as Cow Hug Day and has appealed to the public to embrace cows, claiming that it would bring “emotional richness” and increase “individual and collective happiness”.
  • Dairy farmers, on the other hand, alleged that the Board did not even help them when thou- sands of cows died due to lumpy skin disease recently.
  • February 14 is celebrated in many parts of the world as Valentine’s Day.

Backbone of culture

  • The cow is the backbone of Indian culture and the rural economy, sustaining life, and representing cattle wealth and biodiversity.
  • “It is known as Kamdhenu and Gaumata because of its nourishing nature like a mother, the giver of all, providing riches to humanity.
  • Vedic traditions are almost on the verge of extinction due to the progress of western culture over time.
  • The dazzle of western civilization has made our physical culture and heritage almost forgotten.


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