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  • The first-ever epigraphical reference (an inscription) to the date of death of Vijayanagar king Krishnadevaraya has been discovered at Honnenahalli in Tumakuru district, Karnataka.
  • Normally, the death of kings was not recorded in the inscriptions and this was one ofthose rare records.


  • As per the inscription, Krishnadevaraya, one of the greatest emperors of India who ruled from the South, died on 17th October, 1529 (Sunday).
  • Incidentally, this day was marked by a lunar eclipse .
  • The inscription is engraved on a slab kept on the north side of the Gopalakrishna temple at Honnenahalli in Tumakuru district.
  • The inscription also registers the gift of village Honnenahalli in Tumakurufor conducting worship to the god VeeraprasannaHanumantha of Tumakuru.
  • The inscription is written in Kannada.


  • He was the ruler of the Tuluva dynasty of Vijayanagarempire (1509-29 AD).
  • His rule was characterised by expansion and consolidation.
  • He is credited with building some fine temples and adding impressive gopurams to many important south Indian temples.
  • He also founded a suburban township near Vijayanagar called Nagalapuramafter his mother.
  • He composed a work on statecraft in Telugu known as the Amuktamalyada.

Vijayanagara Empire:

  • Vijayanagara or “city of victory” was the name of both a city and an empire.
  • The empire was founded in the fourteenth century (1336 AD) by Hariharaand Bukka of the Sangama dynasty.
  • They made Hampi the capital ci ty. In 1986, Hampi was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.
  • It stretched from the river Krishna in the north to the extreme south of the peninsula.

Vijayanagar Empire was ruled by four important dynasties and they are:

  1. Sangama
  2. Saluva
  3. Tuluva
  4. Aravidu



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