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The World food prices have increased for the ninth consecutive month in February 2021. This increase is the at its highest level since July 2014.


  • The Food and Agriculture Organisation stated that the food prices have increased because of jumps in prices of sugar and vegetable oils.
  • The food price index measures the monthly changes for a basket containing the cereals, dairy products, oilseeds, meat and sugar.
  • The index had averaged to 116.0 points in February 2021 against the 113.3 points in January.
  • The FAO also highlighted that; the cereal harvests remained on course worldwide so as to hit the annua record in the year 2020.

Variations in Price index

  • The cereal price index provided by the FAO has increased to 1.2% in February 2021.
  • The prices of sorghum have increased the most that is 17.4% for month and 82.1%.
  • This increase in price index of sorghum is led by the increased demand in China.
  • The prices for Maize and rice have also increased while prices on export of wheat remained stable.
  • The price of sugar has increased to 6.4% month on month.
  • Further, there are concerns over supplies in the year 2021 because of fall in production in the major producing countries and strong demand from Asia.
  • Vegetable oil price index has also increased by 6.2% while the prices of palm oil increased for a ninth month.
  • Dairy prices have increased b 1.7% while meat index was increased by 0.6%.

FAO’s forecast

  • The food and agriculture organisation had increased its forecast in the 2020 cereal season to 2.761 billion tonnes.
  • Earlier it was estimated as 2.744 billion.
  • The global rice production forecast was also increased by 2.6 million tonnes for March 2021 as compared to February.

Food Price Index

  • The food price index is released by the Food and Agriculture organisation.
  • It measures the monthly change in international prices of basket of food commodities.



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