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September 2018 - Chinmaya IAS Academy - Current Affairs

Monthly Archives: September 2018

Taking stock of dementia

A heartening feature of health care in India is how life expectancy has increased — from 32 years in 1947 to 68 years today. However, this has resulted in newer health challenges, notably cancer and dementia. Dementia refers to deterioration in a person’s mental faculties and is serious enough to …

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Trial touts dramatic benefits

Omega-3 fatty acid found to help treat cardiovascular events Cardiologists may one day have a new tool to help prevent heart attacks and strokes in some high-risk patients: a prescription drug that contains large doses of EPA, an omega-3 fatty acid contained in fish oil. A large clinical trial found …

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The Great Indian Male

An airline has a separate seating policy for this sub-species of homo sapiens When I first arrived on this planet as an Indian male all those years ago, I never imagined that one day I would become a personal embodiment of a global embarrassment. Please don’t think I am exaggerating; …

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The garden opposite the Taj

Imagining the Mahtab Bagh as it was supposed to be The most visited monument in India is the Taj Mahal in Agra. Guides and locals tell you stories of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s love for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, when they walk you up to the main chamber housing the …

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The useful disease of English

English needs to be used along with other Indian languages, and vice versa. We will deprive ourselves if we turn this into an ‘either-or’ issue In India, English is like one of those damp squib crackers that tend to explode in your face. Sometimes, the faces are literary, as in …

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No other book can trump the Indian Constitution

People of different faiths must find a fit between their own distinctive way of reaching the ultimate and a common, basic framework for living together A Minister of the West Bengal government, Siddiqullah Chowdhury, reportedly remarked recently that for Muslims, “our holy scripture, the Quran Sharif, is supreme and if …

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An incomplete healing

Inadequate facilities for reconstructive surgery and limited staff are affecting cancer treatment in government hospitals Eight-year-old Syed Farhan from Warangal, Telangana was diagnosed earlier this year with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that occurs in bones or in the soft tissue around the bones. He then underwent six …

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China censors bad economic news amid signs of slower growth

Effect of expanded censorship strategy could more readily cause people to believe rumours about the economy, says professor Zhang Ming of Renmin University China has long made it clear that reporting on politics, civil society and sensitive historical events is forbidden. Increasingly, it wants to keep negative news about the …

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China’s combat aircraft makes debut flight

China’s indigenously-built new multi-role combat aircraft for exports has made its debut flight, state media reported on Saturday. The FTC-2000G, a new multi-role combat aircraft developed for export by the State-owned Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC), made its debut flight on Friday in the Guizhou province, state-run China Daily …

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Targeting the voices of dissent

The media in Pakistan is facing a tough time. Last week, the Lahore High Court issued non-bailable arrest warrants against Dawn Assistant Editor Cyril Almeida. The court also ordered the authorities to put Mr. Almeida’s name on the Exit Control List for not appearing before the court. This happened during …

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