Daily Archives: September 18, 2018

The Reform Scheme

The Secretary of the Bengal Branch of the Anglo-Indian Empire League, in a letter [from Calcutta] to the Governor, says that on the whole his Council are of opinion that the reform scheme is suited to the present needs of India. After thanking H.E. the Viceroy and the Secretary of …

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Unveiling of Busts.

With a view to popularise the Y.M.I.A. and bring the members into closer bonds of friendship with each other, the Executive Committee have arranged for a series of social gatherings and lectures. The first of these was held yesterday evening [September 17] in the Gokhale Hall [in Madras]. In response …

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The origins of alcohol

Beer-brewing practices existed earlier than assumed How important was alcohol to early humans? Since when did human beings think it worth investing time and energy in preparing it? Was humanity genetically primed to enjoy alcohol? A 2014 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences argued that a …

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Brexit state of mind

The politicians conducting Brexit negotiations are as ill-informed and ignorant as the rest of the population British attitudes to international affairs have changed greatly in the past half century and the current plans to leave the European Union represent a crucial element of that change. Those plans also reflect British …

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Himalayan divide

India must fix its lines of communicationwith Nepal and arrest the drift in ties Despite several attempts at a reset, ties between India and Nepal continue to be a cause for concern. The disconnect between the two governments was most visible at the seven-nation Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral …

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Saving rivers

As a first step, the capacity of treatment plants along all rivers must be urgently expanded The finding of the Central Pollution Control Board that the number of critically polluted segments of India’s rivers has risen to 351 from 302 two years ago is a strong indictment of the departments …

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No land’s people

Cooperation among governments and tolerance among citizens will help us find a solution to the refugee crisis A large number of people in the world today are stateless and are thus deprived of the rights that the majority enjoy. This problem is particularly significant in the Indian context now — …

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The progressive way

Enacting just laws is more desirable than tinkering with personal laws for the sake of ‘uniformity’ In a consultation paper released recently, the Law Commission of India has boldly said that a uniform civil code (UCC) is neither feasible nor necessary at this stage. The response must come as a …

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When Dravidianism and Hindutva met

Political parties in Tamil Nadu today must heed Periyar’s message in rejecting Hindutva overtures In 1944, an unusual meeting took place between the pre-eminent leader of the non-Brahmin movement, Periyar E.V. Ramasamy, and a major leader of the Hindu Mahasabha, Balkrishna Shivram Moonje. Periyar and Naidu’s friendship On September 19 …

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