Afghanistan at a crossroads

Afghanistan is seeing growing national, regional and global attempts to seek a peaceful settlement to the conflict. The U.S. is desperate to extricate itself from the war, heightened by an unpredictable President and an ambitious negotiator, Zalmay Khalilzad. This desperation is matched by growing fears in Afghanistan that the Taliban …

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Imagining alternative futures

The caricaturing of scientific inquiry at the recent Indian Science Congress (ISC) is only symptomatic of the larger ideological thrust through which institutions of higher education in India are now sought to be governed. Further, the choice of venue for the ISC this year — a private university in Punjab …

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Legitimacy of the basic structure

The doctrine may be derived from the abstract. But it exists within the Constitution itself It has now been more than 45 years since the Supreme Court ruled in Kesavananda Bharati v. State of Kerala that Parliament’s power to amend the Constitution was not unlimited, that the Constitution’s basic structure …

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Train your brain to form good habits through repetition

If you want to form good habits — such as going to the gym and eating healthy — then you need to train your brain by repeating actions until they stick, says a study. Researchers created a model for the study, published in Psychological Review Source : https://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-life/train-your-brain-to-form-good-habits-through-repetition/article26170557.ece

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Hubble discovers dwarf galaxy in cosmic neighbourhood

The Hubble Space Telescope has made an unexpected discovery of a never-before-seen dwarf galaxy in our cosmic backyard, located just 30 million light-years away. An international team of astronomers used the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope to study white dwarf stars within the globular cluster NGC 6752. Source : https://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-life/hubble-discovers-dwarf-galaxy-in-cosmic-neighbourhood/article26170555.ece

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Decoded: why you feel sleepy when unwell

Scientists, including one of Indian origin, have identified a gene that makes a person sleepy when they are sick. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that a single gene, called nemuri, fights germs with its inherent antimicrobial activity and drives prolonged, deep sleep after an infection. “Our study directly …

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World War grenade found in potato shipment

A German First World War hand grenade was found among a shipment of French potatoes imported for a Hong Kong crisp factory, police said. The grenade was safely destroyed after it was discovered at the Calbee snacks factory on Saturday. “The grenade was in an unstable condition because it has …

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GST collection may grow 18% in FY20: govt.

The Union government has projected over 18% growth in Goods and Services Tax (GST) collections in 2019-20 based on the rising trend in revenue mop-up witnessed during the three-month period ending January 2019, Revenue Secretary Ajay Bhushan Pandey said. “Last fiscal our average collection was Rs. 89,000 crore. This fiscal …

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Specialists from Bombay examine C.M.

Two specialists from the Tata Memorial Cancer Institute, Bombay, Dr. Paymaster and Dr. Jussawalla, arrived in the City [Madras] this morning [Jan. 21] and examined the Chief Minister, Mr. C.N. Annadurai, who has been admitted in the Cancer Institute, Adyar. The specialists studied the X-ray pictures of Mr. Annadurai and …

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