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National Health Mission

national health mission

Introduction: The National Health Mission (NHM) was launched in 2013 as an umbrella program to integrate various ongoing health initiatives under one overarching framework. It aims to provide accessible, affordable, and equitable healthcare services to all citizens, especially those in rural and remote areas, as well as marginalized communities. Objectives: …

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Curative petition

curative petition

Definition: A curative petition is a legal remedy available in India to address final judgments or orders of the Supreme Court that may have resulted in a miscarriage of justice or violated fundamental rights. It is considered as the last resort for seeking a review of a judgment after exhausting …

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One Health Approach

Definition and Concept: One Health is a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health. It emphasizes the need for cooperation among various sectors including human health, animal health, agriculture, environment, and others to achieve optimal health outcomes. Significance in India: India faces numerous health …

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