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Induction of New Weapons in Armed Forces

The induction of new aircraft, weapons etc into the Armed Forces is a continuous process.  The details of important recent inductions in this regards are as under:- Indian Army:           (i) Cheetal Helicopters.           (ii) Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) Mark 0/I/II/III.           (iii)  ALH (Weapon System Integrated [WSI]).           (iv)  …

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Troops of Southern Command, Pune have launched “Operation Thiruvallur” in continuance of their efforts to contribute directly towards security and well being of people. “Operation Thiruvallur” is being undertaken under the aegis of “Aid to Civil Authorities”, involving the safe disposal of nearly 10 tonnes of unexploded ordnance which had possibly been collected inadvertently by …

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Proposals for Indigenous Designing and Manufacturing of Defence System

Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAP)-2020 envisages the basic tenets of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ and encourages indigenous designing and manufacturing of defence items. The proposals for indigenous design and manufacturing are considered under ‘Make’ Procedure of DAP-2020. The ‘Make’ Procedure aims to achieve the objective of self-reliance by involving greater participation of …

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Classification Method Based on Deep Learning (DL)Network, for Evaluation of Hormone Status, Can Predict Progression of Breast Cancer

Scientists have developed a classification method based on Deep Learning (DL) network to evaluate hormone status for prognosis of breast cancer. The proposed framework is a reliable alternative to manual methods for automatic grading systems used to determine scoring of estrogen receptor status for predicting progression of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the …

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Scheme for Promotion of MSMEs

Following measures have been taken for promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in defence production sector:- Cases with Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) cost < Rs 100 Crores are reserved for MSMEs, provided there are at least two or more MSMEs eligible to participate in the category. In order …

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Domestic Procurements

The Government is working on Second ‘Positive Indigenisation List’ as part of Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan on domestic procurements. Government is pursuing initiatives to achieve higher levels of Indigenisation and self-reliance in the defence sector by harnessing the capabilities of the public and private sector industries in the country. Case for …

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