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Syllabus: Challenges to internal security through communication networks, role of media and social networking sites in internal security challenges, basics of cyber security; money-laundering and its prevention.


The Cyber Crime Wing of the Tamil Nadu police on Friday issued an advisory to the public, asking them to be vigilant against a fake ‘IRCTC Rail Connect’ mobile app that is being circulated by online fraudsters.

Story so far

  • The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) issued a warning regarding a malicious mobile app that aims to deceive users and involve them in fraudulent activities.
  • Fraudsters have devised a scheme wherein they circulate phishing links through messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • These links direct unsuspecting victims to download a fake version of the ‘IRCTC Rail Connect’ mobile app.

Way foreward

  • Once the users download and install the malicious app, they might believe that they are using a legitimate IRCTC service.
  • The fake app provides a similar user interface and replicates the login process of the real IRCTC app, tricking users into thinking they are securely logging into their accounts.
  • However, behind the scenes, the malicious app is acting as a tool to collect sensitive information.
  • As users interact with the app, they might be prompted to provide their Internet banking credentials, including usernames, passwords, and PINs, to proceed with ticket bookings or other actions. As users enter their credentials, this information is captured and the stolen data is transmitted to remote servers controlled by the scammers.
  • This is where the actual compromise of personal and financial information takes place.


  • To Internet banking credentials, the malicious app might request access to other sensitive information stored on the user’s device.
  • With access to the collected information, the scammers could potentially engage in fraudulent activities, the ADGP said.
  • The Cyber Crime Wing advised the public to download the app only from authorised sources such as Google Play Store for Android users and Apple App Store for iOS users.

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