Gender equality and female empowerment as a norm

Sustainable development will be an impossibility without the potential contributions from women The very notion of gender equality entails the belief that injustice is associated with the very definition of the concept. It is imperative that we reflect on this association. Injustice arises out of society’s inability to accept the fact that men and women should be equal. The realisation that sustainable development is not possible without equality between men and women is a relatively recent finding and directly linked to sustainability issues. A holistic, comprehensive approach to sustainability is one of the most important ways to support and maintain gender justice and equality. The world needs to urgently define the issues of social responsibility, so that the major themes related to the human being can be shared among all genders. It is important to take care of our increasingly volatile planet, but more importantly it is to take care of the people who live on it. Defending equality between men and women, or boys and girls, is as important as combating domestic violence, or empowering low-income groups. Teaching that rights should be equal, as well as opportunities and performance, are mandatory themes, reminding us that the road to true equality is still long. The importance of rectifying gender injustice and restoring women’s dignity in parts of the world is unquestionable. Gender equality is the fifth Sustainable Development Goal of the UN. The UN acts to empower women and girls in all its programmes. With stepped-up action on gender equality, every part of the world can move towards sustainable development by 2030, leaving none behind.

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