Germany’s War Guilt.

At the International Socialist Conference, Eisener, head of the Bavarian Government speaking in the debate on the responsibility for the war, pleaded guilty on behalf of German Socialists, but argued that Germany could expiate her guilt by advancing on the path of Socialism [according to a Feb. 5 report from Berne]. He claimed that Germany was now the most democratic country in the world. Kantsky German Independent Socialist declared that documents proved Germany’s guilt. Bethmann Hollweg’s statement that France attacked first was a lie. Doctor Adler, German Majority Socialist, placed on the table a declaration that the war was due to the Imperialist policy of the old German Government and recognising the need for inquiry. He admitted that attempts to justify the invasion of Belgium which was a breach of international law had been a pronounced failure. He stated that the German Republic did not wish to escape any guilt which might be established.

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