SC upholds government’s Haj policy

They were categorised on the parameters of their experience and financial strength The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the Haj Policy 2019-23, which categorises the Haj Group Organisers (HGOs) on the parameters of their experience and financial strength. The court found “nothing arbitrary or unreasonable” in such a classification by the government. In a judgment, a Bench of Justices A.K. Sikri and S. Abdul Nazeer also drew a line on their power of judicial scrutiny of government policy decisions. “It is settled law that policy decisions of the Executive are best left to it and a court cannot be propelled into the unchartered ocean of government policy,” Justice Sikri, who authored the verdict, said. Justice Sikri wrote that “public authorities must have liberty and freedom in framing the policies.” Based on feedback The 22-page judgment said the policy was finally drawn on the basis of feedback received from more than 180 individual private tour operators (PTO) and associations, including the Indian Federation Haj PTOs of India and jointly by other PTO associations. The court said the government had paid equal attention to both experience and financial prowess of the HGOs while classifying them into various categories.

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