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Dam Management in India

Dams Image

Dam means any artificial barrier and its appurtenant structure constructed across rivers or tributaries thereof with a view to impound or divert water which also include barrage, weir and similar water impounding structures. Central Water Commission (CWC) compiles and maintains the nationwide register of Large Dams i.e., the National Register …

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India – Israel Relations (2)

Indian & Israeli flags

Historical context India recognized Israel in 1950. However full diplomatic relations were established with the setting up of embassies in 1992. Initially, Indian leaders were opposed to the idea of religious nationalism as the foundation for a nation due to their experience with partition. Thus, they were fundamentally opposed to …

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Other News

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Short NEWS, 14th Oct 2023 Amendment in Australia Any constitutional alterations in Australia require a national referendum Voting is compulsory for all adults Global Girlhood Report 2023 Released by ‘Save the children’ organization Report focused on impact of climate change on lives of girl children globally Green Credit  a unit …

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The Indian Ocean Rim Association

The Indian Ocean Rim Association includes 23 countries from Africa, West Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Australia and littoral states situated in and around the I The grouping, whose apex body is the Council of Foreign Ministers that meets once a year, moves by rotation through members every two …

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India-Israel Bilateral Relations

India announced its recognition of Israel on September 17, 1950. Soon thereafter, the Jewish Agency established an immigration office in Bombay. This was later converted into a Trade Office and subsequently a Consulate. Embassies were opened in 1992 when full diplomatic relations were established. Since the upgradation of relations in …

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Line of Actual Control (LAC)

Why in NEWS 20th round of corps commander-level talks failed to make any headway to end the LAC stand-off. The Line of Actual Control (LAC) is a notional demarcation line that separates Indian-controlled territory from Chinese-controlled territory in the Sino-Indian border dispute. The concept was introduced by Chinese premier Zhou …

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Electoral Bond

Why in NEWS The Supreme Court on Tuesday fixed October 31 for hearing a slew of petitions challenging the electoral bonds scheme. Electoral Bond Electoral Bond is a mode of funding to political parties in India. The scheme of Electoral Bond was introduced in The Finance Bill, 2017 during Union …

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Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is an important law made by the Parliament of India in recent years in order to harmonize India’s scattered and divergent bankruptcy laws. The enactment of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code was important to reduce the pilled-up non-performing assets of the banks and protracted resolution of the …

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