Getting justice for Asia Bibi

Last month, the Pakistan Supreme Court acquitted Asia Bibi, a Christian woman accused of blasphemy, citing lack of evidence. The verdict must rank as the boldest in the chequered history of Pakistan. The judges showed remarkable courage in going against the far-right ideology responsible for the extralegal lynching of an …

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Govt., RBI call truce after board meeting

“The Board also advised that the RBI should consider a scheme for restructuring of stressed standard assets of MSME borrowers with aggregate credit facilities of up to Rs. 250 million [Rs. 25 crore] , subject to such conditions as are necessary for ensuring financial stability,” the RBI said. On the …

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CIC asks RGI to change data collection norms

An RTI applicant had sought details about deaths in all wards of Mumbai in 2016 The Central Information Commission (CIC) has directed the Registrar General of India (RGI) to change its practices of data collection, especially with regard to births and deaths. Information Commissioner Yashovardhan Azad issued the directives to …

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A new bank scam using Google Maps loophole

Con artists edit bank details, get customers to share PINs Scamsters seem to have stumbled upon a gold mine in the form of a loophole in the Google Maps interface. Taking advantage of the fact that on Google Maps, an establishment’s contact details can be edited by anyone, a group …

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Financial crisis in West Europe

Money markets in London, Paris and Bonn remained closed to-day [November 20] in the wake of the financial turmoil which has rocked Western Europe during the past two weeks. The crisis was sparked off by fears of a devaluation of the French franc and a pricing upward of the value …

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When giants clash

The U.S.-China discord at APEChighlights the dangers of their tariff war Breaking with more than a quarter-century of history, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) organisation wrapped up its summit with no joint communiqué issued. Its leaders, principally led by the U.S. and China, clashed over the proposed wording of the …

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Amid institutional declineExtract:

The issue today is whether a dishonest system can be managed honestly Allegations of interference in major institutions have been the big news of late. The ongoing fracas in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has got out of hand, with the two top officials in the chain of command …

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