• Also known as burnout culture and grind culture, hustle culture refers to the mentality that one must work all day every day in pursuit of their professional goals.
  • Hustle culture is a lifestyle of someone who continues to work and only rests for a short time.
  • This is done because those who run the culture feel that doing so will make themselves successful.

Causes of Hustle Culture

  • Toxic positivity of co-workers or superiors.
  • Toxic positivity is a condition in which a person will demand himself or others to tolerate negative emotions and always think positively even in stressful conditions.
  • Increasingly sophisticated technology where communication media does not always have to be face-to-face.
  • This supports the hustle culture that can be done outside the set working hours.
  • In addition, most people will assume that the busier a person is, the greater the chance of getting a high job position, better income, and success.


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