Indian National Space, Promotion &Authorization Centre (INSPACe)

Context: Private Sector Participation in Space Sector Government has created Indian National Space, Promotion &Authorization Centre (INSPACe), under Department of Space to encourage, promote and hand hold the private sector for their participation in Space Sector.

  • Private players will also be able to use ISRO infrastructure through INSPACe.
  • The decision of Government was conveyed to the Members of the scientific community elaborately, and scientific community welcomed the Government decision.

The role of New Space India Limited (NSIL) in the post reformed space sector would be to build launch vehicles, providing launch services, build satellites, providing space-based services, technology transfers, etc.

  • There are more than 500 companies that partner with ISRO in carrying out space activities.
  • The broad areas and sectors covered by private companies are- providing materials, mechanical fabrication, electronic fabrication, system development, integration, etc.

Government would allow them to utilize those infrastructures of ISRO which are otherwise not available elsewhere in India and there will be reasonable charges for utilization of Government infrastructure which will be varying depending on the requirement.

About: New Space India Limited (NSIL)

Incorporated in march 2019, as a wholly – owned government of India under the adminstrative control of Department of Space.

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