Scotland varsity to hand out gender ID badges

One of Scotland’s leading universities is set to hand out pronoun badges to freshers so they know whether to refer to each other as “he”, “she” or “they”. The move by the Edinburgh University is intended to avoid any potential “misgendering” of non-binary or transgender students, who may display the physical attributes of one gender, while associating more closely with another or none at all, The Sunday Telegraph reported. Kai O’Doherty, the vice president for welfare at the Edinburgh University Students’ Association, announced that pronoun badges will be available throughout the ‘Welcome Week’, which takes place before the official start of term next month. The students’ union also published a guide to pronouns, which explains why it is important to “normalise” the practice of sharing gender pronouns. “Many people assume that the pronouns they should use for an individual are obvious: people who look like men should be referred to using he/him, and people who look like women should be referred to as she/her,” it said.

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