• Recently, a study has found a Snailfish that lives in an iceberg habitat in Greenland can survive in icy Arctic waters due to the presence of antifreeze proteins in its bloodstream.
  • The name snailfish can refer to any of the more than 400 species found in the family Liparidae.
  • Sometimes they’re also called sea snails—not to be confused with gastropod sea snails (which are the animals).
  • The Snailfish releases biofluorescence, which allows it to glow green and red in the dark arctic waters.
  • Snailfish is the only polar fish reported to have biofluorescence.
  • Biofluorescence is the ability of an organism to convert blue light into green, red, or yellow light.
  • It is rarely found in Arctic fish due to prolonged periods of darkness in the region.
  • They are found all over the world, including in Antarctica.
  • Although they’re found in shallow waters, the deep-sea species are the ones that stand out.
  • Snailfish found on an iceberg habitat in Greenland can survive in icy Arctic waters due to the presence of ‘antifreeze’ proteins in their bloodstream.
  • Further, scientists also discovered the most highly expressed genes were related to antifreeze proteins.
  • This extraordinary feature, which is rare among sea organisms, allows snailfish to prevent ice crystals from accumulating in their cells and body fluid.
  • The climate change could affect its survivability, as with rising ocean temperature icebergs would melt at a faster rate.
  • The increase biodiversity that warmer waters bring to higher latitudes can increase competition, thereby jeopardizing its position in the food chain.
  • The findings demonstrate how marine life can sustain in sub-zero temperatures using their unique adaptation mechanisms.


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