• Recently, Computer Emergency Response Team – India (CERT-In) successfully designed & conducted the Cyber Security Exercise “Synergy” for 13 Countries as part of the International Counter Ransomware Initiative.
  • The exercise was conducted as part of the International Counter Ransomware Initiative- Resilience Working Group which is being led by India under the leadership of National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS). 


  • Computer Emergency Response Team – India is an organisation of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology with the objective of securing Indian cyberspace.
  • It is a nodal agency which deals with cybersecurity threats like hacking and phishing.
  • It collects, analyses and disseminates information on cyber incidents, and also issues alert on cybersecurity incidents.
  • CERT-IN provides Incident Prevention and Response Services as well as Security Quality Management Services.


  • Synergy is a Cyber Security Exercise which is successfully designed & conducted by CERT-In in collaboration with Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA).
  • The exercise scenario was derived from real life cyber incidents, in which a domestic level (limited impact) ransomware incident escalates to a global cyber security crisis.
  • Each State participated as a National Crisis Management Team having composition from different government agencies including National CERTs/CSIRTs, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), Communication & IT/ICT Ministry and Security agencies.


  • To Assess, Share and Improve strategies and practices among Member-States to build network resiliency against ransomware & cyber extortion attacks.
  • Building Network Resiliency to Counter Ransomware Attacks.


  • Ransomware is a malware designed to deny a user or organization access to files on their computer.
  • By encrypting these files and demanding a ransom payment for the decryption key, cyber attackers place organizations in a position where paying the ransom is the easiest and cheapest way to regain access to their files.
  • Some variants have added additional functionality – such as data theft – to provide further


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