Recently, OpenAI CEO decided to formally re-introduce Worldcoin, a project of his that was eclipsed by the popularity of ChatGPT.

About Worldcoin:

  • Worldcoin is an initiative to create a digital network in which everyone can claim some kind of stake, and join the digital economy.
  • Using a device called “Orb,” Worldcoin volunteers known as ‘Orb operators’ scan a person’s iris pattern to collect their biometric data and help them get a World ID through the World app.
  • The users need to be willing to scan irises and/or get their own irises scanned.
  • Volunteers sign up to be “Orb operators” in their locality and receive basic training and a biometric device with which to scan irises.
  • Orb operators can even rent out the Orb to others to let them scan eyeballs as well.
  • Those who have their irises scanned and collect a World ID can use this to claim the WLD crypto, which they may use for transactions or hold on to the asset in the hope that its price might rise, as it did after launching.
  • However, users can also buy or sell WLD without getting scanned or using the app.

Why does Worldcoin scan irises?

  • It wanted to include everyone in its network and that using biometric information to avoid duplication was a valid method for this.
  • The company claimed that India had proven the effectiveness of biometrics through its Aadhaar system.


Even if a person’s biometric scans were deleted for privacy reasons, the unique identifier for the scan would match future scans of the same person’s eyes.


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